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CyberBlazer™ by EM3 | LABS is an innovative white-label cybersecurity advisory and awareness program, tailor-made and delivered to your organisation by a leading group of cyber intelligence specialists. 

We work with you to deliver meaningful solutions for your cyber program, ensuring that your organisation will be adequately equipped to handle ever-evolving cyber threats.  Our delivery is risk-based, with insights gained from real world experiences on the front lines.

Our Cybersecurity awareness program is unique in that we personally connect with the various subsets of your organization.  We do not limit ourselves to working with just your IT and OT folks, but we engage with all stakeholders from various functions and various levels, to ensure an all-encompassing solution.  We maintain communications in a language that non-technical folks can easily understand, while gaining the ability to react appropriately to a cyber event.

With over 95% of data breaches in organisations attributed to an aspect of human error, the employees of your organisation can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. 

By working with CyberBlazer, we can help your organisation protect your critical data and resources.

Cyber Advisory for Executives

Is your business subject to regulatory requirements such as GDPR, EU NIS Directive, SOX, HIPAA or others?  Is your executive suite appropriately informed on how cyber plays a role in complying with these requirements? We develop and deploy end-to-end Cybersecurity Awareness programs with a customized approach to facilitate C-Suite on-boarding on to cyber.  Together with CyberBlazer, we bridge the gap between business, operations and technology.


CISO Advisory

Senior Corporate Executives and their families are a very lucrative target for cyber-adversaries. We advise senior leaders and the C-Suite on how to stay protected.



Do you know what to do if you discover that you’ve had a data breach? Our Incident Response training program  aims to assist you in establishing solid processes.



Our program will help you better understand information security policies and further facilitate C-Suite adoption of good  information security best pratcices.

Cybersecurity Essentials

If your employees are not able to recognize a scam, they could unintentionally lead to data breaches and even fraud. Employees, all the way up to senior executives are significant vulnerability at virtually any organization, worldwide. The CyberBlazer™ cybersecurity awareness program is designed help your staff and your organization circumvent a security incident and save your organization thousands of dollars in related costs and fines.

Our cyber security awareness program is fully customizable and can be fully white-labelled, providing flexible content that can easily be mixed and matched within your existing operating environment.

We’ll help you customize a program to meet the needs of your organization. It’s never been easier to provide cyber security awareness training for your employees.

The CyberBlazer “Cybersecurity Essentials” program is broken down into 4 Key Modules where we cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics in an interactive and engaging manner:

  • Introduction to the Cybersecurity & Threat Landscape
  • An Overview to various Cyber Attack Vectors and Precautionary Safeguards
  • Live Demonstrations on how Easy it is to Hack a Computer System and Equally how Easy it is to Fall Victim
  • Tips & Tricks for Online Safety and Mobile Device Cybersecurity

Contact us to speak with a security awareness program expert.

Introduction to Cyber Threats

This introductory session aims to present your audience to bring awareness to cybercrime, cyber-threats, cyber-adversaries and their motivations as to why any employee regardless of their rank, can be an attractive target.

Cyber Attack Vectors

We review in detail some of the more common and less common ways to fall victim to a cyber attack, including topics such as Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Smishing, Social Engineering, Fake News, SIM Swapping and more.

Live Hacking Demonstrations

This is our most popular session and a favorite with our audiences. We perform some very basic hacks on unsuspecting users to show just how easy it is to fall victim. Audiences tend to retain their lessons learned after this!

Online & Mobile Cybersecurity

As more and more users consume the Internet mainly through their mobile phones, we use this session to highlight some of the unique threats facing mobile devices as well as safety tips to prevent various frauds.

Cyber Awareness Advisory


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Available Modules

  • Employee Awareness
  • Management Awareness
  • GDPR (Introduction & Practitioner)
  • SCADA & ICS Security
  • Security Project Management
  • Secure Systems Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)
  • CISSP/CISM Bootcamps
  • And many more….

Some of our Strategic Partnerships:

Your enterprise's data is at risk. Your own employees may be pawns in the next threat from a highly skilled hactivist, criminal or nation state. Let CyberBlazer help your workforce and your organization.

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Please reach out to us to discuss our services, training videos, and your employee cyber security awareness training needs.  We are EU based and internationally focused :  we deliver solutions to leading businesses worldwide.