Vulnerability Assessments & Code Reviews

With recent high profile cyber incidents paralyzing many leading organizations, we have seen an increasing trend in technology spend for software and equipment such as firewalls, authentication mechanisms, next-gen AI tools etc.  To compliment your technology investments, CyberBlazer proposes a diverse suite of next-generation vulnerability scanners and source code analysis tools.

Vulnerability Scanning Solutions

Our dynamic toolsets enable real-time scanning of websites, web applications and the rest of your IT & OT infrastructure, to help you spot and analyze proactively, your point-in-time security posture and your aggregate cyber-risk exposure

Automated Dynamic and Static Source Code Analysis

Furthermore our toolsets encompass automated processes to peform dynamic and static analysis of your source code libraries, verifying both the design and operating effectiveness of your security baselines.  Such code verifications enable your organization to verify that your target applications adhere to the strictest code standards.